Tanuki 430S Slim Straight

Price: 299,-

The NS is Tanuki’s straight slim fit, a timeless and classic silhouette.

made of their innovative Natural indigo fabric.

The mill where they make natural indigo fabric is the only mill in Japan that has this type of indigo rope dye method used for dyeing N fabric. The natural indigo they use is special organic natural indigo from India that cannot be found anywhere in the Japanese denim industry, so you cannot find this fabric anywhere else. Normally natural indigo dyeing process penetrates the core of the fabric to be also dyed. This means the fading process will not create any contrasts. But this one is different because of the rope-dying method used. Although it goes deeper than pure indigo, it is natural indigo that creates great contrasts when fading which makes it very special. Normally natural indigo fabric ends up 4 times more expensive than fabric with pure indigo (because of more hand labor), but combining the rope dying method, the fabric became much more affordable while keeping the beauty of natural indigo color and it’s why they chose to do it. When they made this fabric for the first time in normal tension, they already felt this will be one of the best creations Tanuki has ever made. Now that they made it low tension, they reached a new level of beauty with a LOT of slub and fuzziness on the surface!

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