Lee 101 B Dry

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How’s this for heritage? Lee Company was the first denim brand to design jeans especially for cowboys – way back in 1924 when they first released the 101B. This season They ve been inspired by a later model of the 101B, the iconic fit from 1946. Fit for a cowboy wider set back pockets give riding comfort, while the wide cut straight leg tapers down at the hem. Our widest 101 cut is a real tribute to our handsome archive.
Cut from Lee®’s 49 selvage denim: a Japanese artisan-made left hand denim dyed with 13 dips of indigo and features a single line blue selvage. 100% premium cotton. The cotton is imported mainly from USA and the yarns are specially ring-spun for a higher quality finish. The shuttle looms used to craft this fabric only produce around 100 meters per 24h. A slow process, but definitely worth the wait. We’ve kept it dry and untouched for the wearer to break in naturally. Brass Lee® 101 button and rivets, pale gold threads, pale tan leather Lee® 101 back patch.
Original Lefthand Rigid Selvage Denim 13 3/4 oz

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